We we're done with time and effort it takes with sharpies and box cutters to get ragged mediocre results for tool control foam so we set out to make it easy for us and you to do this right.

With our backgrounds in computer vision, machine learning, and just in time manufacuring, we built the foamdrawerliners.com system to do one thing - make it easy to have great custom fit liners for your tool drawers or other applications.  

Other companies require you to fill out cumbersome information, measure your objects in detail, take pictures on a special background, and have conversations with sales people just to get a price.  And then weeks of expensive custom design work and manufacturing lead times.  We built our system to be easy and transparent.  Just upload your photos, get a price instantly, order your drawer liners, and have them manufactured and shipped within a few days.

The Founders,

Avi and Leo